GMB Community Organising Project working in partnership with DECV!

DECV’s Lifelong Learning Centre has had a major upgrade to its computers thanks to GMB Community Organising Project, in partnership with the Union Learn and DECV.
The Community Organising Project has been working in Thurnscoe for over a year with DECV to improve access to their centre and has now invested to increase the amount of computers at the centre and fund new equipment. This has been achieved with the support of the Union Learn and the wider GMB, its members and activists.
The staff at DECV, are constantly fighting to secure funding for their charity which provides invaluable support to those who wish to access education, always free of charge.
The event to unveil the new learning centre was attended by many of the centres supporters and GMB members and activists. Tim Roach, GMB regional secretary, spoke at the event describing the work that was done there as invaluable. John Heely, Labour MP for the Dearne Valley, and the founding minister of the Union Learning fund, also sung the centres praises, pointing to the essential link between GMB activists involved in the centre, namely the Shop Steward at the library where the charity is based, Annette Gollick, and the support of the union as a whole.
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