OCR Entry Level 3 Award In ICT

OCR Using ICT Entry Level Award (Entry 3)


This course designed to recognise students’ practical skills in using information technology to carry out straightforward tasks in a range of vocational contexts.

The course is flexible and has unit-based approach, which allows students to work towards individual units.

There are four units available, with each unit focusing on a different use of ICT:

  •  Displaying information
  •  Searching for information
  •  Communicating information
  •  Producing graphs from numerical information

Using ICT Entry 3 is suitable for both pre- and post-16 learners and for those who are new to using ICT
and who wish to gain accreditation for newly acquired skills.

Specification aims

The aims of this specification are:

To develop students’ practical skills in using common software applications for a purpose.
To develop students’ ability to operate ICT equipment correctly and safely.
To develop students’ confidence in the use of ICT.
To encourage progression to qualifications at Level 1 of the National Qualifications.
Framework by assisting in the development of the skills and knowledge that learners will need
to undertake further study.


Please call on 01709 889880 to enquire about course availability

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