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The overall aim of this project is to engage local residents in community website building/development activities, creating a virtual community and promoting social inclusion.  This project is aimed at creating and launching a community run web hub, created and managed entirely by learners/volunteers with a DECV tutor initially overseeing and teaching web design basics, design, photography and FTP/Search Engines optimisation. The website will serve the residents of Thurnscoe and surrounding areas, featuring content for DECV (ICT/Maths/English) courses and events, partnership organisations/local amenities and online forums/blogs to help tackle and discuss local concerns.  This website project has been funded by Awards For All.


The site will also link to various social media. Ensuring that the website can be used by as wide a cross-section of the community as possible is part of the remit and basic computer classes will also be available to help with this. Volunteers will eventually build content and moderate the many forums and blogs that the site will host, creating a virtual community. The project is also seen as a means to inform local people about what is happening in the neighborhood, enable people to have ‘conversations’ about issues that concern them and feed those to the local authority or other agencies that can take action. The volunteers promote the website in various ways and encourage people from all backgrounds to use it and take part.

About DECV

Established in May 2000 and based within the Lifelong Learning Centre, Thurnscoe, DECV provide community based training and resources to the Dearne Valley public.

DECV is an independant voluntary sector organisation.

It is a registered charity (No 1090187) and a company limited by guarantee (No 4210227). The organisation is managed by a Board of Trustees. All Trustees are local people either from Thurnscoe or with common interests in Thurnscoe. The operational activities of the organisation are undertaken by both paid staff and volunteers.

From its humble beginnings the organisation has developed over the years into an ECDL Training and Testing Centre, an OCR Provider and a Cisco Networking Academy.

What we do

DECV Ltd exists to provide free public access to ICT resources in a safe, friendly, supportive, empathic, and non-intimidating environment to meet individual needs.  The ultimate aim is to reach people from the community who for a variety of reasons such as lack of confidence, personal resources, or fear of technology, do not have the opportunity to participate in an increasingly IT focussed society.  The group acknowledges that some people have rejected formal educational just as the education system rejects some of our community, DECV Ltd therefore aims to advance education by

a)    allowing those people who would not otherwise access computer technology, the opportunity to have public access to IT equipment, which will give them access to information, internet and Email facilities.

b)    allowing people the freedom to learn in an informal environment to benefit from new technology using IT and ICT, ensuring that a greater number of local residents have the opportunity to learn an important key skill.

c)    providing a facility and expertise that the public can utilise to obtain IT support which would enable them to fully take advantage of new media technology as it develops in the future enhancing their skills further.

DECV have approximately 2000 mainly local members ranging from 8 years to 90+ years old.

Many local schools and community based groups are also frequent users the services
offered by DECV. These include Dearne Valley College, The Robert Ogden School,
The Hill Primary, Gooseacre Primary, Heather Garth Primary, Barnsley Learning Net, Barnsley Dearne Community Partnership, Thurnscoe History Group, Royal British Legion, Little Dearne Credit Union, Barnsley Riding for the Disabled etc

What can DECV do for You?

ICT Resources

ICT Training (MS Office/Digital Photography/Web Design/Music Technology)

Adult Literacy and Numeracy Training (to Level 2)

Employability Skills, Jobsearch and CV Preparation

Volunteering Opportunities

ICT Support (Community Groups)

Corporate Training

Private Tuition (ICT/Music/Photography)

ICT Training Suite Hire

Classroom Hire



Music Technology

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