Big Local Thurnscoe

Big Local Thurnscoe is a project to use at least £1 million to improve the area for residents. Residents will decide how to use this money through a Big Local partnership.

The vision for Thurnscoe is a “A Strong and Supportive Community that Works Together” where everyone knows what is going on and with a healthy environment that everyone can enjoy”

This vision can be achieved through continued community development that brings people together to resolve the issues facing the community and explore and implement new initiatives that enhance the community and bring new opportunities to the people of Thurnscoe.

Thurnscoe has a legacy from its coal industry past, a legacy that was evident long before the closure of the colliery, Hickleton Main. This legacy is exacerbated by Thurnscoe’s immediate neighbours having similar issues.

 The economic outlook for Thurnscoe is critical to the vision for Thurnscoe and its prosperity, employment and education are key to achieving the vision. It is acknowledged that a healthy environment includes improved employment prospects and that increased opportunities for people, greater social involvement will lead to improved health.

Since the end of the coal industry the Dearne area including Thurnscoe has been the recipient of substantial funding to address the problems of health, unemployment, social cohesion, lack of education and ambition.

After a period of twenty years many of these problems are still evident and the vision for Big Local is that a united community can and will make a difference.